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The Missing Volunteers

My friends, it is no secret that the volunteer fire service is shrinking.  With this in mind, it is important for fire departments to change how they manage volunteers.  Check … Continue reading

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FRI 2015 Bound!

If you are heading to Fire Rescue International in Atlanta, be sure to stop by and say hello!  The IAFC has published a little teaser about my upcoming class, check … Continue reading

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Integrating Technology and Social Media into Leadership Tools

Technology is a part of every day life and it is important for leaders to learn to embrace the benefits it has to offer.  You can learn more about making … Continue reading

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Millennials are the next generation of leaders, do you have the right strategies to recruit them?

Each generation has a unique personality shaped by events in history. Often personality differences and misconceptions can occur across generations.  Check out my latest article on recruiting the next generation … Continue reading

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Make 2015 FDIC Your Most Successful Year Yet!!

In a little over a month, Indianapolis will be filled with thousands of firefighters attending FDIC.  Attending a national conference in any field is an investment in your personal and career growth.  Your … Continue reading

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Fire Engineering Radio – The Professsional Volunteer Fire Service

It was a privilege to be Chief Tom Merrill’s guest on Fire Engineering Radio.  The show he hosts, The Professional Volunteer Fire Service, focuses on the latest issues in the … Continue reading

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Firehouse World 2015

It was a great honor to present in San Diego at Firehouse World 2015.  Those that attended my course were engaged and passionate about protecting the integrity of the fire … Continue reading

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