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I have a passion for helping individuals and organizations reach their goals! Successful people and organizations understand there are defining moments and actions in life that can lead to either greatness or destruction. Let's connect and see how I can help you!


Book a workshop for your next event! One-on-one consulting services are also available.

Current Workshops Offered (Custom programs to meet your needs can also be requested):

Preventing Employee Derailment & Embarrassment in the Fire Service:


Just as departments prepare for emergencies, there is a need to train to prevent and manage unexpected threats to reputation. The focus of this course is on research-based strategies for safeguarding the firehouse against members’ damaging behaviors while protecting the integrity of the fire service. Among topics covered are social media, theft, discrimination, and poor behavior.







Breaking Barriers: Busting through Recruitment & Retention InfographicPicChallenges: 

The volunteer fire service is experiencing its biggest challenge to date with volunteer firefighter recruitment and retention. With today’s era of competing demands for the volunteer/potential volunteer firefighter, the question becomes, “What strategies are volunteer fire departments using to successfully recruit and retain volunteer firefighters?” This workshop is based on a three-year doctoral study and will offer participants proven strategies to reduce turnover and increase recruitment among all generation of volunteers. These strategies are not based on costly recruitment campaigns and incentives, but offer practical professional applications that can be easily deployed.


Motivating the Difficult Learner:

Are you struggling to motivate those in your classroom? Are the same techniques you have been using for years no longer working? This workshop will push you to change your teaching style to meet the needs of diverse learners and engage today’s generation of students.

Thank you IAFC VOCS for the opportunity to present in Florida and a HUGE thank you to my course participants that donated $508 to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation!

Are YOU  Branded for Career Success? 

In today’s era of technology, brands no longer apply to products. Your personal brand can be the determining factor for missed career advancement. Emerging leaders seeking leadership positions need to learn to use their personal brand as a competitive edge over equally trained peers. To be successful, individuals need to put themselves in a position of recruitment power. Attendees of this course will walk away with the tools needed to reach new opportunities. Individuals will learn how to enhance their recognition as subject matter experts, establish a reputation that is creditable, and advance careers.   This course is a must for any individuals wishing to market themselves for success!


Thank you National Volunteer Fire Council for the opportunity to present in Myrtle Beach!

Thank you National Volunteer Fire Council for the opportunity to present in Myrtle Beach!

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