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I have a passion for helping individuals and organizations reach their goals! Successful people and organizations understand there are defining moments and actions in life that can lead to either greatness or destruction. Let's connect and see how I can help you!

About Dr. Candice McDonald

firepicDr. Candice McDonald  serves as a firefighter/EMT with the Sebring Fire Department and is a firefighter/former EMS Officer with the Winona Fire Department in Ohio.  She is the co-chair of the Cumberland Valley Volunteer Firemen’s Association Reputation Management Committee and serves on the ResponderSafety.com outreach team.  She is a trustee of the International Association of Women in Fire and Emergency Services and a member of the FDIC/Fire Engineering Advisory Board. Another organization she passionately serves is the National Volunteer Fire Council.  For the NVFC, she has served as the appointed Fire Corps State Advocate for Ohio and in other capacities as called upon since 2009.  

Candice currently works for NASA in the Office of Protective Services as a special agent, physical security specialist and contracting officer representative.  Prior to working at NASA, she was the program coordinator for the Research Center for Educational Technology at Kent State University.  Before joining the Kent State family, she spent six years working for the State of Ohio in marketing and ten years working as a  mental health case manager, and drug and alcohol counselor.

She holds a doctor of business administration with a specialty in homeland security, a master’s in organizational leadership, a bachelor’s in organizational management and associate’s in health and human services.  She is a contributing author to numerous publications and has traveled the country for the past twenty years empowering individuals and organizations. 

Connect with Candice:

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/KSUCandice

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DrCandiceMcDonald

One comment on “About Dr. Candice McDonald

  1. KC
    September 18, 2015

    Looking for a copy of your article (Correcting Member Derailment) in the latest edition of Fire Rescue

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