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Retention in the U.S. Volunteer Fire Service – Research Study

 This infographic displays key points from my doctoral dissertation on retention in the volunteer fire service. I would love to bring this information to your organization or next conference. RetentionInfographicFinal

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Critical Health and Safety Issues in the Volunteer Fire Service

Multiple organizations and contributors joined together to help a partnership between the USFA and NVFC to re-evaluate known critical health and safety issues in the volunteer fire service and provide … Continue reading

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SMART Fire Fighting: The Use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems in the Fire Service

Members of the NFPA First Responder Forum had the privilege to collaborate with emerging leaders in the fire service from across the country to develop a white paper on using drones … Continue reading

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Pokemon Go and the Fire Service

    Pokemon Go is the hottest new app and it is causing issues for some fire departments.  Use this new trend as an opportunity to engage your citizens.  Not … Continue reading

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Preventing Member Derailment in the Fire Service

When a member gets off track, it is important to have the leadership skills to rein them back in.  My article in the September issue of Fire Rescue Magazine offers … Continue reading

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The Missing Volunteers

My friends, it is no secret that the volunteer fire service is shrinking.  With this in mind, it is important for fire departments to change how they manage volunteers.  Check … Continue reading

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FRI 2015 Bound!

If you are heading to Fire Rescue International in Atlanta, be sure to stop by and say hello!  The IAFC has published a little teaser about my upcoming class, check … Continue reading

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